Darwin Evat Darwin Evat


The Darwin EVAT has a powerful electric scooter, with a motor power 250W BLDC (Waterproof) and range of 70-85 km. Darwin EVAT has 170mm clearance level. Styled to be futuristic, the Darwin EVAT comes with high-grade LED projector lamps with DRL (Day Running Light). Best-in-category with anti-theft alarm, Keyless Entry, Find my scooter function.

When we switch on the key and scooter comes out of the parking mode, the display will show - how many total kms the scooter has run so far. There is no option to see how many kms more it will run. It can only be seen by the Battery strength.

You can visit to your nearest dealer.

Our Darwin scooters comes under government policies having motor output power less than 250W. And speed of 25kmph, our Scooters does not require any registration.

Darwin Low speed electric scooter does not comes under government subsidy norms, but Darwin High speed electric scooter are applicable.

Battery comes with 3 years of warranty and motors comes with 1 years of warranty.